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Case Study:

Chad Thompson

Website Design and Development

The Brief

We had the opportunity to work with Chad Thompson, a business coach dedicated to helping others learn how to leverage unlikely resources and help their businesses thrive. We were hired to assist in developing and creating a website that would convert, sell, and successfully establish his online presence.

Tools used: WordPress

The Problem

Chad Thompson has proven himself to be an authority in the business coach niche by providing excellent advice combined with personal insight about how to help others meet their goals. As an experienced marketer, he was in search of a platform where he could share his speaking engagements and coaching experience with those who would need it most.

In short, he needed a website that would be a digital platform to share his vast knowledge with business owners that want to improve themselves and their companies. His site would also need to showcase the type of pride and value he places on sharing his knowledge to help clothes become successful on and offline.

Chad chose to work with us as he preferred to focus on his business. We were tasked with bringing his vision to life online and creating a user experience that would be well-received by his clientele. We began with a detailed sitemap to determine what needed to be done in order to meet his needs:

  • Chad needed his website to be easy to navigate
  • All services needed to be easily accessible
  • Site infrastructure required a positive user experience
  • A frictionless barrier that allows for easy selections
  • Ability to have his prospective clients contact him directly
  • Easily provide visitors with a newsletter signup

The Solution

We began by developing a plan, including creating a sitemap segmented by the following pages:

  • Home
  • Work With Chad
  • Courses
  • Events

We determined simple navigation was critical to a successful design to meet the vision Chad had for his website. Each page provides a streamlined user experience on the WordPress platform.

The Result

After a thorough and detailed approach to development and design, we built a website for Chad, learned more about what it means to be a quality business coach, and implemented a site that is easy for visitors to navigate, convert, and sign up to become part of his clientele.

The Showcase

Throughout the development, we enjoyed working with Chad. He can easily update his site when needed due to how easy it is to use and modify a site built on the WordPress platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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