Frequently Asked Questions

Website Development

Content writing is an essential aspect of digital marketing, so it’s essential to invest in professional content for your business. At Cre8 Visions, we have content writers on staff to assist you with your projects.

Our Web Design service takes approximately three to four weeks to complete from intake to launch, assuming all requirements are submitted before time and the revisions on each review are minimal.

The service covers the website build and the site’s launch as well as 20 days of support after launch.  Name registry, hosting, and server costs are exclusive of this service. However, we would be more than happy to suggest a few hosting providers that provide great products and quality customer support. 

We use WordPress, Shopify, and Webflow.

We will build your site based on architecture that’s optimized for SEO. 

We create your site on our own servers first and would only upload to your own website after the Final QA and revisions. 

There are two revision points for you. First is after the first week of development where we have already created a live site of your website based on the mockups and specifications you selected. Last is after the second week of development where we present the site itself for any last-minute revisions. Please note that any revisions on the last round would have to be minimal and not amount anymore to design changes or work that would take more than half a day to execute. 

Your audience isn’t limited to one device, so it’s essential for your website to work just as well on mobile devices as it does on computers.

We prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) so it will be easy for your target audience to find your website for your chosen search terms.

While WordPress might be free, you won’t be able to rely solely on premade templates. Professional web designers can help create a custom-built website that boosts your business.

We prioritize your complete satisfaction throughout the website creation process, so you can rest assured that we will take any and all feedback into account.

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