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Case Study:

The Spread Atl

Website Design and Development

The Brief

We had the opportunity to work with a company dedicated to providing high-performance charcuterie boards that are both well-designed and make wonderful conversation pieces. We were hired to assist in creating and developing an eCommerce site targeted to the Atlanta area that would successfully convert, sell, and successfully launch the company’s online presence.

Tools used: Webflow

The Problem

The Spread Atl proved to be an authority in charcuterie boards and boxes by providing top-notch products combined with artistic expression. They needed a website that would incorporate their unique presentation into a high-converting digital presence along with a frictionless, user-friendly experience.

The Spread Atl determined website design and development was challenging, so they began searching for a company that would meet their needs. 

We were tasked with bringing their artistic, gourmet vision to life and creating a user experience that converts well and leads to sales. We started by working on a detailed sitemap to determine what we needed to do in order to meet their goals:

  • The Spread Atl needed simple navigation on its site
  • All boards, boards, cheeses, and boxes needed to be easily viewable
  • Site infrastructure required a simplified user experience
  • An easy barrier allowing for quick purchasing

The Solution

We began by developing a plan, including creating a sitemap segmented by the following anchor points:

  • Home
  • Our Story
  • Boards
  • Pricing
  • Order a Spread
  • Contact

We determined simple and elegant navigation and site layout were critical to a successful design for an excellent user experience. Each anchor point is easily accessible from the main menu, which further showcases each product for an ultimately streamlined user experience on the Webflow platform. We selected Webflow over WordPress due to a more simplified and secure experience for both the users and the client.

The Result

After a comprehensive approach to development and design, we built a website for The Spread Atl, learned more about quality charcuterie products, and implemented a website that is both easy for our clients to use and a frictionless experience for their visitors, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

The Showcase

We enjoyed partnering with The Spread Atl on their website through the design and development stages. They can easily update their own site when needed due to the easy-to-use Webflow platform and can continue to maintain their site themselves.


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